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How to Enable Envelope Journaling


You can enable envelope journaling by using the E-Mail Journaling Advanced Configuration tool (Exejcfg.exe). You can run the tool from any server with access to Active Directory, but it is recommended that you run the tool from a domain controller.

Before You Begin

To download the E-Mail Journaling Advanced Configuration tool (Exejcfg.exe), see Microsoft Exchange Server Email Journaling Advanced Configuration. The E-Mail Journaling Advanced Configuration tool can be used in Exchange 2000 Server environments and Exchange Server 2003 environments.


To enable envelope journaling

  1. Download and unzip the E-Mail Journaling Advanced Configuration tool to a directory of your choice.

  2. Open a command prompt.

  3. Go to the directory where you installed exejcfg.

  4. Type the following command to enable envelope journaling: exejcfg

You can use exejcfg with any of the parameters in the following table.

Parameters for exejcfg tool

Parameter Description


Enables envelope journaling


Disables envelope journaling


Lists the envelope journaling setting—whether envelope journaling is enabled or disabled.


Provides the list of options and a short help. If you run the command with no options, it defaults to this option.

For More Information

For more information about how to deploy a journaling solution, see How to Deploy Exchange Server 2003 Journaling as Part of a Compliance Solution.