Using the Backup Utility in Windows Server 2003 to Backup and Restore Your Data


This topic explains how to use the backup utility (Backup) in Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 to back up and restore your Exchange Server 2003 organization. If you are already familiar with Backup, you can continue to "Backing up Exchange Server 2003."

If you are new to backup and restore procedures, some of the information in this topic will make more sense when you perform the backup and restore steps that appear in later chapters.

It is best to practice backup and restore procedures in a test environment before you back up or restore your organization's production servers.

You can use Backup to back up and restore both Windows Server 2003 and Exchange 2003 data. The backup utility (Backup) in Windows Server 2003 is similar to earlier versions of the utility. Backup helps you to back up directories, selected files, and System State data, including Windows Server 2003 operating system registry information. You can also use Backup remotely over the network to back up Exchange databases and information about other computers.

For complete details about Backup and how to troubleshoot it, see "Backing up and restoring data" in the Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition, online Help.

For additional information not covered, see the online Help in your Windows Server 2003 operating system.