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How to Deploy RPC over HTTP for the First Time in Small Business Server 2003 (Standard or Premium)


This topic explains how to deploy RPC over HTTP for the first time in an Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) running on Microsoft® Windows Small Business Server 2003 that is a standard or premium installation.

Before You Begin

Before performing the following procedure, confirm the following:


To deploy RPC over HTTP in a Small Business Server (Standard or Premium)

  1. On the Windows Small Business Server 2003, run the Configure E-mail and Internet Connection Wizard. Follow these steps to go through the wizard:

    1. Click Start, and then click Server Management.

    2. Click To Do List, and then click Connect to the Internet.

    3. Continue through the wizard and enter the specific information about your Internet connection type, your DNS server, and your router.

    4. On the Web Services Configuration page, click to select the Outlook via the Internet check box under the Allow access to only the following Web site services from the Internet. Select any additional services, such as Outlook Web Access, that you require.

    5. Click Next.

    6. On the Web Server Certificate page, select the Web server certificate type, and then click Next. You can choose to either install a new Web server certificate or locate a third-party certificate.


    The wizard automatically configures Exchange, Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server, IIS, and the RPC proxy registry entries.

  2. Configure an email profile for Outlook 2003 clients to use RPC over HTTP. For detailed steps, see How to Create an Outlook Profile for Users to Use with RPC over HTTP.

  3. Test RPC virtual directory configuration from a Windows XP client. For detailed steps, see How to Verify RPC Virtual Directory Configuration.

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