Exchange Server 2003 – Summary Checklist


This checklist provides you with a summary of Exchange Server 2003 Operations tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can modify these checklists based on your organization's requirements.

Checklist: Summary

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Completed Daily


Check of physical environmental


Check backups


Check CPU/Memory use


Check disk use


Examine message queues


Examine event logs


Check backups


Check IIS performance


Check Exchange Server database health


Check MAPI client performance


Check Queue Viewer


Check message paths and mail flow


Check Non-Exchange Server connectors


Check security logs


Update virus definitions and scan for viruses


Verify that Exchange Server and required Windows services have started correctly

Completed Weekly


Create reports


Complete incident reports


Meet to discuss status


Check IIS logs

Completed Monthly


Do capacity planning


Perform hotfixes, service packs, update rollups, and security updates


Perform Disaster recovery test – testing one backup a month to restore