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Exchange Advanced Settings for Mailbox-Enabled Recipients


Navigate to the Exchange Advanced tab to change advanced settings for mailbox-enabled recipients. For detailed instructions, see How to Get to the Exchange Advanced Tab.

Setting Custom Attributes

Using the Custom Attributes button on the Exchange Advanced tab, you can assign up to 15 custom values for a recipient. By default, recipients have attributes such as phone number, office number, or manager. If there is information that you want to display in the GAL that does not fit in any of the existing attributes, you can create up to 15 other entries. For example, you may want to include an attribute for the divisions or cost centers of your company.

Assigning Mailbox Rights

Using the Mailbox Rights button on the Exchange Advanced tab, you can assign rights to the mailbox of a recipient to users or to groups, add users to the list, and then allow or deny them the following rights:

  • Delete mailbox storage   The mailbox from the mailbox store can be deleted. By default, only administrators have permission to do this. Users cannot delete their own mailboxes.

  • Read permissions   The specified user can read or change the permissions on a mailbox.

  • Change permissions   The user can modify or remove permissions on the mailbox.

  • Take ownership   The user is granted ownership of a mailbox.

  • Full mailbox access   The delegated user has the same access rights as the owner.

  • Associated external account   This option is used when a user's Windows account resides in a different forest than the Exchange mailbox.


    Each Exchange mailbox must be associated with an Active Directory object, such as a user, in the same forest as the mailbox. If the intended user account resides outside the forest where Exchange is, Exchange first associates the mailbox with an account in its same Active Directory forest. That account is disabled. Then, the mailbox is associated with the external account.

  • Special permissions   Click Advanced to work more granularly with permissions, including changing inheritance.

You assign these rights on the Mailbox Rights tab in the user's Permissions dialog box.

Assigning rights to read another user's mailbox