Eseutil /Y Copy File Mode


The ability of Eseutil to copy large files is a new capability introduced in Exchange Server 2003 that has been imported from ESEFile. The copy file mode is optimized to copy very large files efficiently. You can use the switch to copy a database, streaming file, or log file. However, the mode is not suited as a general purpose copy utility.


 Since copy file mode does not accept wildcard file specifications, you must fully specify a file name and copy one file at a time.

Depending on disk and network conditions, copy file mode may be able to copy a file up to 20 percent faster than a typical copy. It can also handle copying of very large files that previous versions of Microsoft® Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 (SP2) would not copy.

For more information about how to run Eseutil in copy file mode, see How to Run Eseutil /Y in Copy File Mode.

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