How to Create an Address List


An address list organizes recipients so that they can be found easily by users who want to contact them. This procedure outlines how to create an address list.

Before You Begin

Address lists can be useful tools for users, but poorly planned address lists can be frustrating. Before you create address lists, make sure that you have a thorough understanding of address lists. For more information, see Understanding Address Lists.


To create an address list

  1. In Exchange System Manager, expand the Recipients container.

  2. Expand All Address Lists, right-click the node that the new list belongs in, point to New, and then click Address List.

  3. On the Create Exchange Address List page (see the following figure ), name your new address list, and then modify the filter rules appropriately.

    Creating an Exchange address list


    You can move address lists to create a new hierarchy, using a drag-and-drop operation. As explained in "Managing Recipient Settings," you can hide recipients from address lists using Active Directory Users and Computers.