Selecting the sites to scan with the scheduled scan


Applies to: Forefront Protection 2010 for SharePoint

Microsoft Forefront Protection 2010 for SharePoint (FPSP) offers flexibility in selecting what SharePoint sites to scan with the scheduled scan. You can configure the scan to include all existing SharePoint sites, or you can build an inclusion list from available sites.


  • Scans targeting large sites or many sites may run for a long time. For a large site, it is recommended that you scan associated sub-sites on a rotating basis until you have scanned all the sub-sites in the large site.

  • This selection affects not only scheduled antimalware scanning, but also any filtering options that are associated with the scheduled scan.

To select which sites to scan with the scheduled scan

  1. In the Forefront Protection 2010 for SharePoint Administrator Console, click Policy Management and in Global Settings, click Scan Options.

  2. In the Global Settings - Scan Options pane, in the Scan targets section under Scheduled scan, you can select one of these options for scanning SharePoint sites:

    • All—Scans all sites.


      The default for scheduled scanning is to scan all sites, including the SharePoint Central Administration sites and all user sites on the SharePoint server. It is recommended that you manually select the user sites you want to scan in order to avoid scanning the SharePoint Central Administration sites.

    • Selected—Scans specific sites. When you choose Selected, the Select Scan Targets button becomes active.


      Sites with names that are made up entirely of backslashes () are not scanned if FPSP is configured for Selected scanning. If FPSP is set to scan all sites, those that use backslashes or other special characters are scanned.

      If you click the Select Scan Targets button, the Select Scan Targets dialog box opens to the Tree View tab, displaying a listing of available sites on the server. To view each available site, click Expand All. You can select each site to be scanned by clicking the check box next to its name.

      If the site you want to scan is not on the list, you can search for it. In the Select the sites to be scanned box enter the name of a site to find. You can just enter the first few characters of the name and all the matching sites will be returned. The Select Scan Targets dialog switches to Search View in order to display the results. Select the site by clicking the check box next to its name.

      In the input box below the Tree View and Search View area, you can manually type specific sites, folders, or files to scan. You must enter the full URLs, one at a time, and include only one URL per line.


      Choosing all sites in the selection pane is not the same as choosing the All option in the previous pane. An inclusion list is built from the selections in Select Scan Targets. New sites that are added after making this selection will not automatically be included. If you select All, new sites will automatically be included.

  3. After selecting your sites, click OK to confirm your selections and return to the Global Settings - Scan Options pane, and then click Save.

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