Windows Essential Business Server 2008

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All future development of Windows Essential Business Server (EBS) has been discontinued. However, if you already purchased Windows EBS 2008, your software will be supported through the normal product life cycle.

For Solution Pathway (retail) and OEM customers who acquired licenses for Windows EBS 2008 Standard or Windows EBS 2008 Premium, the transition program expired on December 31, 2010.

Microsoft Volume Licensing customers who acquired licenses for Windows EBS 2008 Standard or Windows EBS 2008 Premium are automatically eligible to receive most of the individual components of the Windows EBS 2008 suite. Microsoft Volume Licensing customers need to log on to the Volume Licensing Server Center to download the software for this licensing change.

For licensing migration questions from Windows EBS 2008 to the individual products, contact your local Microsoft Licensing Center.

Download the Migration Preparation Tool for Windows Essential Business Server 2008

When you prepare to migrate to stand-alone products, you can use the Migration Preparation Tool for Windows EBS to remove the Windows EBS features from computers that are running Windows EBS 2008 Standard or Windows EBS 2008 Premium. After you run the Migration Preparation Tool on each Windows EBS computer, the Migration Preparation Tool removes all the Windows EBS features such as Remote Web Workplace and the Windows EBS Administration Console. However, the individual server applications are not removed.

About Windows EBS

Windows Essential Business Server 2008 is designed and priced for midsize businesses seeking enterprise-class management, messaging, and security server technologies to help improve productivity. Windows EBS 2008 enables midsize organizations to benefit from the power and versatility of a multiple-server network by offering features such as:

  • Combining several Microsoft server products and technologies into a single, integrated solution.

  • Providing planning tools.

  • Optimizing the configuration of server applications and server roles.

  • Reducing the time IT administrators spend planning the network and installing and configuring applications.

  • Providing tools to create application add-ins and security adapter add-ins to manage additional applications and security issues.

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