Creating virtual floppy disks in Virtual Server

Creating virtual floppy disks

Each virtual machine is configured with one floppy drive. This drive cannot be removed and no additional floppy drives can be added. On the Floppy Drive Properties page, you can specify what type of media the floppy drive will use. The floppy drive can access either a physical floppy disk or a virtual floppy disk.

Virtual floppy disks have the full functionality of a real floppy disk. For example, you can transfer files and read data from the virtual floppy disk by using the standard operating system interface of the virtual machine. Virtual floppy drives are initially empty after you create them.

Virtual floppy disks are saved as .vfd files. Virtual Server 2005 can mount most flat-file representations of a floppy disk, including floppy disks that are 720 KB or 1.44 MB in size.

For more information, see Adding and removing floppy disks.