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Step 5: Installing MDM Gateway Server


Mobile Device Manager Gateway Server resides in the perimeter network and is used for communication between the managed Windows Mobile devices, the company network, and MDM Device Management Server. Generally, MDM Gateway Server is not domain-joined with the company network and can be accessed within the company local area network (LAN) through MDM Device Management Server. For encrypted information transfer between the managed device and MDM Gateway Server, you must install a certificate on MDM Gateway Server. For trusted IPsec communication, you must also install certification authority certificates on MDM Gateway Server.


For the certificate related procedures, you must export certificate requests from MDM Gateway Server back into the company network. You must also export certificates from the company network onto MDM Gateway Server. You must perform this transfer securely.

Before you can install MDM servers and complete your MDM deployment by following deployment procedures in this guide, you must plan your deployment and configure your IT environment following the steps and guidelines in the MDM Planning Guide. MDM Planning and Deployment Checklists specifies the permissions and roles required to complete the steps in this procedure.

Gateway Certificates

Follow these steps to put a certificate and certificate chain on MDM Gateway Server to help support secure communications in the MDM system. The following steps will also install and configure MDM Gateway Server.

Step 5a: Creating the MDM Gateway Certificate Request and Certificate

Step 5b: Exporting the Certification Authority Certificates

Step 5c: Create and Import Certification Authority Certificates onto the MDM Gateway Server

Step 5d: Creating and Importing the MDM Gateway Server Configuration File

Step 5e: Running MDM Gateway Server Setup

Step 5f: Validating the Gateway Certificate

Step 5g: Setting the Gateway URI for MDM Managed Devices

Step 5h: Running the Add MDM Gateway Wizard