Joining a Computer to a Domain or Workgroup

Use the following procedure to join a Windows 2000 Professional or member server computer to a Windows 2000 network Domain.

  1. Right click on the My Computer icon located on the desktop and select Properties. The System Properties window will appear. Select the Network Identification tab.


    On Windows 2000 Professional systems the Network Identification view will have to button options: Network ID and Properties. Windows 2000 member servers will only have the Properties button, while Windows 2000 Domain Controllers will have the properties button disabled because Domain Controller identification information cannot be changed once it is set.

  2. To use the Network Identification Wizard for setting for joining a Windows 2000 Professional computer to a Domain, click on the Network ID button to start the wizard. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided by the Network Identification Wizard to join the computer to a Domain and add a user to the computer.


  3. For Windows 2000 member servers, and alternatively for Windows 2000 Professional computers, click on the Properties button to join the computer to a Domain. This will open the Identification Changes window.


  4. Select the Domain radio button and enter the name of the desired Windows 2000 domain in the corresponding text box.

  5. Click the OK button on the Identification Changes window. At the Domain Username and Password prompt, enter the name and password of an authorized administrator account that has permissions to join computers to the Domain and click the OK button.


  6. Once the computer is successfully accepted into the Domain, a welcome message will appear on the screen.


  7. Click the OK button on all windows and reboot the computer to allow the changes to take effect.