Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios

IPD Assessment Guide and Scenario Selection Tool

Version 1.1 of this Solution Accelerator, now available, updates both the guide and tool to reflect the additional functionalities provided by Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows Server 2012 R2.

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Organizations today face the challenge of maintaining rigorous controls over their computing environments while providing the power and flexibility users need to be productive. User and IT goals can sometimes appear to be in conflict. Optimizing the corporate desktop environment resolves this conflict by providing IT the manageability it requires while giving users the varying levels of power and flexibility they need.

The Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios relate the business requirements (IT and user) for a flexible, efficient, and managed desktop environment to sets of complementary Microsoft technologies by defining and using five standard user scenarios that map business requirements to technology solutions. These core scenarios are: Office Worker, Mobile Worker, Task Worker, Contract/Offshore Worker, and workers who need to Access from Home.


Figure 1. Decision flow chart

The Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios includes the following five-step process:

Step 1: Understand the Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios. This step describes each of the scenarios from a user and IT perspective to provide context for use of the Windows Optimized Desktop Scenario Selection Tool.

Step 2: Identify Your Target User Population. This step involves determining which parts of the organization’s environment to include in the infrastructure design, and establishing the objectives of the project.

Step 3: Match Each User Group With the Appropriate Scenario. This step involves the process of matching user groups with scenarios.

Step 4: Preview the Scenario Solutions. This section illustrates the integrated technology solutions by mapping the scenarios to individual products and technologies.

Step 5: Evaluate Relevant Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios. This step involves evaluating the solutions for the scenarios that apply to your organization.

Included in the Download

This Solution Accelerator is packaged as a zip file, Windows Optimized Desktop, and includes the following components:

  • Windows Optimized Desktop Scenarios Assessment v1.1 (a guide)

  • Windows Optimized Desktop Scenario Selection Tool v1.1

In More Detail

The Windows Optimized Desktop Scenario Assessment Guide

The Windows Optimized Desktop Scenario Assessment Guide describes the five user scenarios defined for the Windows Optimized Desktop and further describes the Microsoft products and technologies that underpin each scenario solution. These include: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, App-V, MED-V, Hyper-V, and Remote Desktop Services. This document guides you through an assessment of user groups in your organization to identify the scenario or scenarios that best fit your environment.

Windows Optimized Desktop Scenario Selection Tool

The Windows Optimized Desktop Scenario Selection Tool is designed to help you identify applicable scenarios, based on user and business requirements, for each user segment within your organization. The tool is included with this guide in the download package.

You may need to run this tool more than once. If your user population is very heterogeneous, you will likely end up with more than one equally applicable scenario. This may indicate that you need to target a narrower user population and rerun the tool on this population.

Microsoft Desktop Optimization Technologies

The following chart maps the optimized desktop scenarios to the underlying Microsoft technologies that address their requirements.


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