MOF Extended Guidance

Published: January 5, 2010   |   Updated: May 17, 2016



These extensions to the MOF 4.0 core content function as practical additions to the IT service lifecycle guidance outlined in the framework. They’re intended to help IT pros and business and technical decision makers align IT and business goals, enabling them to perform IT-related activities effectively and cost-efficiently. MOF extended guidance includes management reviews, companion guides, action plans, and job aids. If you haven’t already reviewed the framework, launch the download of the MOF 4.0 core content.

MOF Management Reviews

MOF Management Reviews provides a deeper level of insight to those already identified throughout the service lifecycle, offering guidance to help management set goals, evaluate progress, and confirm results. This guidance will help organizations ensure that their technology services are on track to deliver expected business value. Diagrams of MOF Management Reviews are now available as a companion resource; they’re intended to help organizations ensure that their IT services are on track to deliver expected value.  Learn more.

MOF Companion Guides

MOF Companion Guides are intended to help IT pros and business and technical decision makers perform IT-related activities effectively and cost-efficiently, seamlessly aligning IT and business goals. Each guide applies MOF 4.0 principles to specific activities—making MOF’s guidance even more practical and usable. Learn more.

MOF Job Aids

MOF Job Aids are templates, worksheets, and tools that help IT pros apply MOF 4.0 guidance to specific scenarios and challenges through-out the IT service lifecycle. Learn more.

MOF Action Plans

MOF Action Plans are resources designed to provide IT pros with concise, actionable solutions that address IT problems faced in the real world. Learn more.

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