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Database Maintenance

Applies To: Forefront Endpoint Protection

To keep your Forefront Endpoint Protection databases functioning at optimal performance, FEP periodically performs database maintenance tasks. Ensure these database maintenance tasks are completing.


Do not run these database maintenance tasks yourself, unless instructed to do so by support.

About FEP database maintenance jobs

Multiple automatic SQL Server jobs are scheduled to periodically run on the FEP databases. These jobs have names in the following format:

FEP_JobName_DatabaseName_SiteCode, where the following is true:

  • JobName is the name of the SQL Server job.

  • DatabaseName is the name of your FEP reporting database. The default name is FEPDW.

  • SiteCode is the site code for your Configuration Manager site.


The FEP_DataWarehouseMaintenance_DatabaseName_SiteCode database job runs daily at 1:00 A.M. The job performs steps that ensure the FEP database remains optimized. This daily optimization is important, because the FEP reporting database is a volatile database: data is frequently written to the database or changed in the database.

The following table explains each of the steps in the FEP_DataWarehouseMaintenance_DatabaseName_SiteCode database job.

Job step Description

Table partitioning

Subdivides growing tables into separate tables when needed. When a new table is created (partitioned), the oldest partitioned table is deleted.

Also removes old data from the database, based on the configured data retention value. This process is called grooming.

For more information about the reporting database retention value, see FEP 2010 Reporting Database Maintenance.

Index defragmentation

Defragments indexes, or rebuilds them if too heavily fragmented.

Groom the SQL Server Integration services log

Removes data older than a week from the SQL Server Integration services log.

Time dimension maintenance

Performs maintenance on a table internal to OLAP.

Lookup grooming

Removes the data cached when computer names are resolved from the Configuration Manager database.

OLAP maintenance

Triggers a SQL Server Integration services job that grooms the SQL Server Analysis services database and partitions the FEP reporting database OLAP cube.

For details on how to change the FEP reporting data retention values, see FEP 2010 Reporting Database Maintenance.


The FEP_DB_Maintenance_FEPDB_SiteCode database job runs daily to optimize the working database for FEP. This database maintenance job resembles the FEP_DataWarehouseMaintenance_DatabaseName_SiteCode database job, but only performs two steps. Those steps are described in the following table.

Job step Description


Subdivides the tables in the FEPDB database that contain errors and failed data items (partitioned) and grooms the database by removing older data.

Index defragmentation

Defragments indexes or rebuilds them if too heavily fragmented.


The FEP_GetNewData_DatabaseName_SiteCode job runs every 15 minutes, transfers FEP data collected by Configuration Manager from the Configuration Manager database to the FEP reporting database, and processes the data into the OLAP cube.