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Relationship Insights are missing from Microsoft Dynamics 365 navigation

This article provides a solution to an issue where you're unable to find the Relationship Insights option under Settings in your Dynamics 365 organization.

Applies to:   Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Original KB number:   4052344


You're unable to find the Relationship Insights option under Settings in your Dynamics 365 organization.


It can be the result of customization to your navigation menu (sitemap). A customization can be applied from a solution or an administrator could have explicitly edited the sitemap xml, or used the sitemap designer to remove it.


You can add the Relationship Insights option under Settings by editing the sitemap within the sitemap designer or XML editor. Choose one of the following options:
From Sitemap Designer

  1. Access your Dynamics 365 organization as a user with the System Administrator or System Customer role.
  2. Navigate to Settings, Customization, and then select Customize the System.
  3. Select Client Extensions, select Sitemap, and then select Edit.
  4. Select the Settings area.
  5. Select the Business group.
  6. Select + Add, and then select Subarea.
  7. Select the Type dropdown, and select URL.
  8. Copy and paste the following value into the URL field:
    /_static/tools/ RelationshipIntelligenceConfig /UnifiedConfig.html
  9. In the Title field, type Relationship Insights.
  10. For the Icon option, select the following option if it's available or select the default icon or any other icon:
    /_ imgs /area/Relationship_Intelligence_16.png.
  11. Use the following value for the ID value:
  12. Select Save, and then select Publish.
  13. Close the sitemap designer.
  14. Within the Solution dialog, select Publish All Customizations.
  15. Sign out and log back into the organization

From XML editor

  1. If you prefer to export your sitemap customizations and edit them manually, make sure you have the following entry in your sitemap xml:

    < SiteMap IntroducedVersion ="">
    <Area IntroducedVersion ="" ShowGroups ="true" Icon="/_ imgs /settings_24x24.gif" DescriptionResourceId =" Settings_Area_Description " ResourceId =" Area_Settings " Id="Settings"> 
    <Group IntroducedVersion ="" DescriptionResourceId =" Menu_Label_Business " ResourceId =" Menu_Label_Business " Id=" Business_Setting ">
    < SubArea IntroducedVersion ="8 .0.0.0" Icon ="/_ imgs /area/Relationship_Intelligence_16.png " DescriptionResourceId =" RelationshipInsights _SubArea_Description " ResourceId =" Homepage_ RelationshipInsights " Id=" nav_ relationshipIntelligence " Url=" /_static/tools/RelationshipIntelligenceConfig/UnifiedConfig.html " AvailableOffline ="false"/>
  2. After importing the sitemapxml, make sure to publish customizations.

  3. Sign out and log back into the organization.