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VCRedist from VC++ 2008 installs temporary files in the root directory

This article helps you resolve the problem that VCredist installs files in the root directory instead of the temp directory.

Original product version:   Visual Studio 2008
Original KB number:   950683


When you install the Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (VCRedist_x86.exe, VCRedist_x64.exe, VCRedist_ia64.exe) for Visual Studio 2008 RTM, the following files are generated on the root directory of a drive that has the largest available space in the system:

  • install.exe
  • install.res.1028.dll
  • install.res.1031.dll
  • install.res.1033.dll
  • install.res.1036.dll
  • install.res.1040.dll
  • install.res.1041.dll
  • install.res.1042.dll
  • install.res.2052.dll
  • install.res.3082.dll
  • vcredist.bmp
  • globdata.ini
  • install.ini
  • eula.1028.txt
  • eula.1031.txt
  • eula.1033.txt
  • eula.1036.txt
  • eula.1040.txt
  • eula.1041.txt
  • eula.1042.txt
  • eula.2052.txt
  • eula.3082.txt


These temporary files are erroneously generated by the installer into the root directory of one of your drives, instead of the temp directory.


These files are unnecessary and can be safely deleted from the system. The functioning of the runtime library won't be affected by it.

It's a known bug and is fixed in VS2008 SP1.

It's a problem with a VCRedist for the RTM version of VS 2008. Developers should be using a later version. See The latest supported Visual C++ downloads.

For example, for Visual Studio 2008, you should be using Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update.