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Quick start with Silverlight 1.0

This page applies to Silverlight 1 projects only

A Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 project is a collection of website files that use some features of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to create rich interactive applications and media experiences for the web.

You can use Microsoft Expression Blend 2 to quickly design a stunning user interface for your Silverlight 1.0 projects. Silverlight 1.0 projects that are created in Microsoft Expression Blend 2 include a XAML file (Page.xaml), a default HTML file that loads the starting XAML file when it is opened in a browser, together with supporting JavaScript files. You can edit all the files, and visually design the XAML files, in Expression Blend 2. Expression Blend 2 can import graphics from Microsoft Expression Design 2, and import Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 media projects from Microsoft Expression Encoder 2. You can use Microsoft Expression Web 2 or xcopy to publish your Silverlight 1.0-based applications.

For more information about how to develop Silverlight 1.0, see the Silverlight learning center.

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