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Apply presets

A preset is a combination of encoding options and playback options that you can quickly apply to your content after you import it. Presets are especially useful if you need guidance about the best encoding scenario for your audience, or if you have a volume of clips to encode and you want to quickly apply all the necessary settings to each clip.

You have three ways of working with presets in Microsoft Expression Encoder:

  • You can manually apply one of the several included presets that are already optimized for particular scenarios.

  • You can set a default preset that is automatically applied to each clip that you import.

  • You can apply presets that you saved yourself (or that others have saved and transferred to you).

You access all presets, whether included or previously saved, from the Presets panel.

For information about creating your own presets to save for later use, see Create presets.

To apply presets

  1. Click the Presets tab. If you can't see the Presets tab, on the Window menu, click Presets.

  2. In the Media Content panel, select the clip to which you want to apply the preset.

  3. To choose a preset, do any of the following (hover the pointer over your choice to display its parameters):

    • If you want to apply a preset that is included with Expression Encoder, click the System tab. Locate the category of preset that you want to apply, expand the category until you see the preset, and then select it.

    • If you want to apply a preset that you saved, click the User tab. Locate and select the preset.

    • If you want to search for a particular preset, type a name or a partial name in the Search box, and then press Enter.

  4. To apply the preset, do any of the following:

    • At the bottom of the Presets panel, click Apply.

    • Right-click the preset, and then, in the shortcut menu, click either Apply to selected items or Apply to all items, depending on where you want to apply the preset.

  5. To specify a preset as the default preset, select a preset, and then, on the Preset options menu Ee341431.c043ff11-e91a-4d07-bccb-0d6f50e7d3cb(en-us,Expression.40).png, choose Set selected as default.

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