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WEB1004 - The <h1> tag should be declared only once in a page

Each page should contain only one <h1> tag.


Every page should include a single <h1> tag. The <h1> tag should contain up to 150 characters of text that accurately summarizes and describes the content of the page.


In semantic web design, headings provide important organizational and summary information. Each page should have a single <h1> tag that summarizes the contents of the page. If the page contains a significant amount of text, it should be organized with <h2> through <h6> subheadings that summarize and categorize the text that they precede. Search engines rely on correctly used headings to determine the organization and contents of a site.


The following is an example of a correctly formatted <h1> tag.

<h1>About Proseware</h1>

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