Microsoft.Expression.Controls Namespace


Class Description
Callout Renders a callout shape supporting several shapes combined with a callout arrow.
CompositeContentShape Provides a base class of a composite shape that derives from ContentControl and implements IShape.
CompositeShape Provides a base class of a composite shape that derives from Control and implements IShape.
IsArrangedToScaleConverter Converts a Boolean representing whether or not an element is arranged to a Double value used to scale the element.
LayoutPath Describes a path along which elements are arranged.
LineArrow Renders a bent line segment with optional arrow heads on both ends.
PanningItems Provides an items control that displays one selected item, and allows panning between items using touch gestures.
PathLayoutData Encapsulates the data needed to update a IPathLayoutItem.
PathLayoutUpdatedEventArgs Provides data for the PathLayoutUpdated event.
PathListBox Contains a list of items that are laid out along one or more paths.
PathListBoxItem Represents an item in a PathListBox.
PathPanel Arranges child elements along one or more path.


Interface Description
IPathLayoutItem Represents an element that is arranged by a PathPanel.


Enumeration Description
ChangedPathLayoutProperties Specifies which path layout properties have changed.
Distribution Specifies the distribution of a LayoutPath.
FillBehavior Specifies the method for altering the Span on an open path.
Orientation Specifies the orientation of elements on a LayoutPath.