Microsoft.Expression.Interactivity.Core Namespace


Class Description
ActionCommand A basic implementation of ICommand that wraps a method that takes no parameters or a method that takes one parameter.
CallMethodAction Calls a method on a specified object when invoked.
ChangePropertyAction An action that will change a specified property to a specified value when invoked.
ComparisonCondition Represents one ternary condition.
ConditionalExpression Represents a conditional expression that is set on a ConditionBehavior.Condition property. Contains a list of conditions that gets evaluated in order to return true or false for ICondition.Evaluate().
ConditionBehavior A behavior that attaches to a trigger and controls the conditions to fire the actions.
DataStateBehavior Toggles between two states based on a conditional statement.
DataStoreChangedTrigger Trigger designed to be bound to a data store property. Fires when the property changes.
DataTrigger Represents a trigger that performs actions when the bound data meets a specified condition.
ExtendedVisualStateManager ExtendedVisualStateManager is a custom VisualStateManager that can smooth out the animation of layout properties. With this custom VisualStateManager, states can include changes to properties like Grid.Column, can change element heights to or from Auto, and so on. These changes will be smoothed out over time using the GeneratedDuration and GeneratedEasingFunction of the appropriate transition. See the "VisualStateManager overrides" region below for a general description of the algorithm.
GoToStateAction An action that will transition a FrameworkElement to a specified VisualState when invoked.
LaunchUriOrFileAction An action that will launch a process to open a file or Uri. For files, this action will launch the default program for the given file extension. A Uri will open in a web browser.
PropertyChangedTrigger Represents a trigger that performs actions when the bound data have changed.
RemoveElementAction An action that will remove the targeted element from the tree when invoked.
SetDataStoreValueAction An action that will change the value of a property from a data store object. This class is identical to ChangePropertyAction. The only difference is that the data store picker is loaded for this action.
TimerTrigger A trigger that is triggered by a specified event occurring on its source and fires after a delay when that event is fired.


Interface Description
ICondition An interface that a given object must implement in order to be set on a ConditionBehavior.Condition property.


Enumeration Description
ComparisonConditionType Enumeration of different comparison operators.
ForwardChaining Forward chaining.