IUserRoleStore<TUser> Interface

Interface that maps users to login providers, i.e. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft

Namespace:  Microsoft.AspNet.Identity
Assembly:  Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core (in Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core.dll)


Public Interface IUserRoleStore(Of TUser As IUser) _
    Inherits IUserStore(Of TUser), IDisposable
Dim instance As IUserRoleStore(Of TUser)
public interface IUserRoleStore<TUser> : IUserStore<TUser>, 
where TUser : IUser
generic<typename TUser>
where TUser : IUser 
public interface class IUserRoleStore : IUserStore<TUser>, 
type IUserRoleStore<'TUser when 'TUser : IUser> =  
        interface IUserStore<'TUser>
        interface IDisposable 
JScript does not support generic types and methods.

Type Parameters

  • TUser

The IUserRoleStore<TUser> type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method AddToRoleAsync Adds a user to role
Public method CreateAsync Insert a new user (Inherited from IUserStore<TUser>.)
Public method DeleteAsync Delete a user (Inherited from IUserStore<TUser>.)
Public method Dispose (Inherited from IDisposable.)
Public method FindByIdAsync Finds a user (Inherited from IUserStore<TUser>.)
Public method FindByNameAsync Find a user by name (Inherited from IUserStore<TUser>.)
Public method GetRolesAsync Returns the roles for this user
Public method IsInRoleAsync Returns true if a user is in a role
Public method RemoveFromRoleAsync Removes the role for the user
Public method UpdateAsync Update a user (Inherited from IUserStore<TUser>.)


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