System.Numerics.Vectors is a library of vector types that can take advantage of SIMD hardware-based acceleration. Hardware acceleration can result in significant performance improvements in mathematical, scientific, and graphics programming.

Vector types

System.Numerics.Vectors includes 2-, 3-, and 4-dimensional vectors of type Single. The generic Vector<T> structure allows you to create a vector of any primitive numeric type. (The primitive numeric types include all numeric types in the System namespace except for Decimal.) In addition, the Vector class provides a library of convenience methods that you can call when working with vectors.

Other types

System.Numerics.Vectors includes two matrix types: Matrix3x2, which represents a 3x2 matrix; and Matrix4x4, which represents a 4x4 matrix. In addition, System.Numerics.Vectors includes a Plane type and a Quaternion type.