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Samples for Windows Phone

[This topic contains pre-release information and is subject to change. Blank topics are included as placeholders.]

October 18, 2012

This topic tells you how to download, build, and run the samples that we created to make it easier for you to learn to develop Windows Phone apps.

Downloading Windows Phone SDK samples

To download samples for Windows Phone SDK 8.0 or Windows Phone SDK 7.1, go to Samples gallery on Windows Phone Dev Center. You can filter this view by language, affiliation (official SDK samples or community-authored samples), technology (the platform feature), or topic family.

Building and running a sample

To build and run the Windows Phone SDK 8.0 samples, you have to have the Windows Phone SDK 8.0 installed. For more information, see Get the SDK.

After you download the sample, open the solution file (.sln) in Visual Studio. Build and run the sample.

For more information about each sample, see its description on Samples gallery or the files included with the sample.