File Extensions and File Types

This table lists the extensions and their associated file types that are used with Visual FoxPro.

Extension File type
.act Documenting Wizard action diagram
.app Generated application or Active Document
.cdx Compound index
.chm Compiled HTML Help
.dbc Database
.dbf Table
.dbg Debugger configuration
.dct Database memo
.dcx Database index
.dll Windows Dynamic Link Library
.err Compilation error
.esl Visual FoxPro support library
.exe Executable program
.fky Macro
.fll Visual FoxPro Dynamic Link Library
.fmt Format File
.fpt Table memo
.frt Report memo
.frx Report
.fxp Compiled program
.h Header file (for inclusion in a Visual FoxPro or C/C++ program)
.hlp WinHelp
.htm HTML
.idx Index, compact index
.lbt Label memo
.lbx Label
.log Coverage log
.lst Documenting Wizard list
.mem Variable save
.mnt Menu memo
.mnx Menu
.mpr Generated menu program
.mpx Compiled menu program
.ocx ActiveX control
.pjt Project memo
.pjx Project
.prg Program
.qpr Generated query program
.qpx Compiled query program
.sct Form memo
.scx Form
.spr Generated Screen Program (previous versions of FoxPro only)
.spx Compiled Screen Program (previous versions of FoxPro only)
.tbk Memo backup
.txt Text
.vct Visual class library memo
.vcx Visual class library
.vue FoxPro 2.x view
.win Window file

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