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Starting Visual FoxPro

If Visual FoxPro is not currently on your computer, you need to complete the Setup procedure. For setup instructions, see Installing Visual FoxPro.

To start Visual FoxPro

  • Double-click the Microsoft Visual FoxPro icon.

When you first start Visual FoxPro, the Project Manager creates a new, empty project so you can add existing items to your project or create new items to include in the project.

Using the Project Manager, you can quickly familiarize yourself with Visual FoxPro. The Project Manager provides an easy, visual way to organize and work with tables, forms, databases, reports, queries, and other files when you are managing tables and databases or creating an application.

If you have your own set of tables from earlier versions of FoxPro, you can add them to a project immediately to see how Visual FoxPro works. If you have other data you want to organize (be it in spreadsheets, text files, or tables from other applications), you can import it into Visual FoxPro and add it to a project.

You can also create a new project at any time by choosing the New option from the File menu.

To create a new project

  1. From the File menu, choose New.
  2. Select Project and choose New File.
  3. In the Create dialog box, type the name you want to assign to the new project.
  4. Choose Save.

To help you become familiar with Visual FoxPro, you can also use the sample files that are provided. These samples are in folders within the Visual FoxPro \Samples\directory.


This database contains a simple set of related tables that you can experiment with while becoming familiar with Visual FoxPro. This database was used to create the examples in this documentation.


This project contains a fully developed end-user application that you can use to understand the type of application you can develop with Visual FoxPro. By opening the project and examining how it is structured, you can gain insight into how to assemble an application.

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