System.IdentityModel.Tokens Namespace

The System.IdentityModel.Tokens namespace contains classes that represent security tokens, security token handlers, key identifier clauses and other artifacts used in token generation and processing. The namespace contains base classes such as SecurityToken, SecurityTokenHandler, and SecurityKeyIdentifierClause, as well as classes that derive from these classes and represent several of the token types, artifacts, and handlers for which the Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) has built in support. This includes classes that contain support for SAML v1.1 and v2.0 tokens, such as: SamlSecurityToken, SamlSecurityTokenHandler, Saml2SecurityToken, and Saml2SecurityTokenHandler.


  Class Description
Public class AsymmetricSignatureProvider A class that provides signing and verifying operations when working with an AsymmetricSecurityKey.
Public class JwtHeader The JwtHeader class contains JSON objects that represent the cryptographic operations applied to the JSON Web Token (JWT) and optionally any additional properties of the JWT.
Public class JwtPayload The JwtPayload class contains JSON objects representing the claims contained in the JWT. Each claim is a JSON object in the form of { Name, Value }.
Public class JwtSecurityToken A class that represents a JSON Web Token (JWT).
Public class JwtSecurityTokenHandler A SecurityTokenHandler designed for creating and validating JSON Web Tokens (JWT). See for more information about the JWT specification.
Public class JwtSecurityTokenRequirement Provides a location for settings that control how the JwtSecurityTokenHandler validates or creates a JwtSecurityToken.
Public class NamedKeyIssuerTokenResolver NamedKeyIssuerTokenResolver represents a collection of named sets of SecurityKey(s) that can be matched by a NamedKeySecurityKeyIdentifierClause and return a NamedKeySecurityToken that contains SecurityKey(s).
Public class NamedKeySecurityKeyIdentifierClause A SecurityKeyIdentifierClause that can be used to match NamedKeySecurityToken.
Public class NamedKeySecurityToken A SecurityToken that contains multiple SecurityKey that have a name.
Public class SignatureProvider This class defines the object model for types that provide signature services.
Public class SignatureProviderFactory Creates SignatureProviders by specifying a SecurityKey and algorithm.Supports both AsymmetricSecurityKey and SymmetricSecurityKey.
Public class SymmetricSignatureProvider Provides signing and verifying operations using a SymmetricSecurityKey and specifying an algorithm.
Public class TokenValidationParameters Contains a set of parameters that are used by SecurityTokenHandler when validating a SecurityToken.