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Cord Scripts

Cord scripting is the heart of modeling in Spec Explorer. Cord is a scripting language for configuring model exploration and testing, describing model composition, and authoring simple scenarios. The Cord script can be thought of as making use of a model program to achieve a testable model of the system under test (SUT).

The Cord script brings the following to the modeling effort:

  • Maps the model to the SUT with action declarations for the methods of interest in the SUT implementation

  • Adds configurations to the model that further control the modeling (for example, setting bounds for exploring the model)

  • Adds state machines to the model that can be combined and explored to determine their breadth and depth of behavioral coverage of the SUT

  • Hooks up to the model program to incorporate its rule methods into the model

  • Provides the means to generate from the model a test suite of test cases

A Cord script contains at least one configuration, which declares the actions of the model, as well as some exploration switches. It also defines at least one machine, which constitutes an exploration target.

In This Section

Using Cord scripting in the modeling effort is covered in this section of the documentation.

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