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CurrentX, CurrentY Properties

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Return or set the horizontal (CurrentX) or vertical (CurrentY) coordinates for the next printing or drawing method. Not available at design time.


object.CurrentX [= x]
object.CurrentY [= y]

The CurrentX and CurrentY properties syntax have these parts:

Part Description
Object An object expression that evaluates to an object in the Applies To list.
X A number that specifies the horizontal coordinate.
Y A number that specifies the vertical coordinate.


Coordinates are measured from the upper-left corner of an object. The CurrentX property setting is 0 at an object's left edge, and the CurrentY property setting is 0 at its top edge. Coordinates are expressed in twips, or the current unit of measurement defined by the ScaleHeight, ScaleWidth, ScaleLeft, ScaleTop, and ScaleMode properties.

When you use the following graphics methods, the CurrentX and CurrentY settings are changed as indicated:

This method Sets CurrentX, CurrentY to
Circle The center of the object.
Cls 0, 0.
EndDoc 0, 0.
Line The end point of the line.
NewPage 0, 0.
Print The next print position.
Pset The point drawn.