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Visual Basic Reference

HScrollBar, VScrollBar Controls

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Scroll bars provide easy navigation through a long list of items or a large amount of information. They can also provide an analog representation of current position. You can use a scroll bar as an input device or indicator of speed or quantityfor example, to control the volume of a computer game or to view the time elapsed in a timed process.





When you're using a scroll bar as an indicator of quantity or speed or as an input device, use the Max and Min properties to set the appropriate range for the control.

To specify the amount of change to report in a scroll bar, use the LargeChange property for clicking in the scroll bar, and the SmallChange property for clicking the arrows at the ends of the scroll bar. The scroll bar's Value property increases or decreases by the values set for the LargeChange and SmallChange properties. You can position the scroll box at run time by setting Value between 0 and 32,767, inclusive.