Visual Basic Concepts

Programmer's Guide

Welcome to the Visual Basic® Programmer’s Guide, a comprehensive manual on programming with Visual Basic. To accommodate the wealth of features and capabilities in Visual Basic, the Programmer’s Guide is divided into two parts.

The first part covers the basic concepts, providing a foundation for programmers new to Visual Basic. Part 2 covers more advanced programming concepts and techniques. Additional information helpful in using the product is presented in the appendices.

Visual Basic Basics

An introduction to programming in Visual Basic.

What Can You Do With Visual Basic?

Advanced topics on Visual Basic programming.

Visual Basic Specifications, Limitations, and File Formats

Technical details for Visual Basic.

Visual Basic Coding Conventions

Suggested guidelines for consistent and readable code.

  Native Code Compiler Switches

Details on command line switches for compiling to native code.

  Adding Help to Your Application

Guidelines for adding online Help to a Visual Basic application.