Visual Basic Concepts

Setting Project Options

Visual Basic allows you to customize each project by setting a number of properties. Use the Project Properties dialog box, accessible through the Project Properties command on the Project menu. Property settings are saved to the project (.vbp) file.

The following table describes some of the options you can set.

Option Description
Startup Object The first form that Visual Basic displays at run time, or Sub Main ( ).
Project Name Identifies the project in code. It can't contain periods (.), spaces, or start with a nonalphabetic character. For a public class name, the project name and class name cannot exceed a total of 37 characters.
Help File The name of the Help file associated with the project.
Project Help Context ID The context ID for the specific Help topic to be called when the user selects the "?" button while the application's object library is selected in the Object Browser.
Project Description A user-friendly name for the project. Displayed in the References and Object Browser dialog boxes.

Many other options are also available, including those for compiling, components, and multithreading. When you're ready to access some of the more advanced options, you can find more information by searching Help.

For More Information   To learn about setting environment options that affect all projects, see "Developing An Application in Visual Basic."