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Using Built-in Dialog Boxes in Your Application

Several built-in dialog box components are available for use in your C# applications. You can find these components in the Dialogs tab of the Toolbox. When you add components to a Windows form, do don't see them on the form. Instead, they are added to the component tray, underneath the form. The following topics describe the most common built-in dialog boxes.



How to: Display a Color Palette

Describes how to use the ColorDialog to apply a color to a Windows form.

How to: Browse a Folder

Describes how to use the FolderBrowserDialog to display a folder path on a Windows form.

How to: Display a List of Fonts

Demonstrates how to use the built-in FontDialog to apply a font to text.

How to: Save a File to a Folder

Describes how to save text that is added to a RichTextBox control to a location specified in the SaveFileDialog.

How to: Display an OpenFileDialog Dynamically

Describes how to display an OpenFileDialog at run time.