Streaming SIMD Extensions that Support the Cache

Microsoft Specific

The following intrinsics allow you to specify where data is located and manipulate the cache. For an explanation of the syntax that is used in the intrinsic topics, see Floating-Point Intrinsics Using Streaming SIMD Extensions.

Intrin.h contains the intrinsics _mm_stream_sd and _mm_stream_ss. The rest of the intrinsics are included in xmmintrin.h.




Loads one cache line of data to a location closer to the processor.

_mm_stream_pi, _mm_stream_ps, _mm_stream_sd, _mm_stream_ss

Stores the data from a given location to the supplied address without polluting the caches.


Guarantees that every preceding store is globally visible before any subsequent store.


Header: xmmintrin.h, intrin.h

END Microsoft Specific

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