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Macros Development Environment

Visual Studio includes the Macros integrated development environment (IDE), which is used solely for creating, manipulating, editing, and running macros. The Macros IDE is separate from the Visual Studio IDE.

In This Section

  • Macro Explorer Window
    Lists and explains the components of the Macro Explorer window.

  • Automating Repetitive Actions by Using Macros
    Provides an overview of how to use macros to automate procedures or repeated sequences of keystrokes.

  • Macros
    Provides details of the Macros object, which represents the Visual Studio macro recorder.

  • Visual Studio Macros Error Messages
    Lists all error messages associated with Visual Studio Macros.

  • How to: Use Add-ins to Control Macros
    Describes how to use the Visual Studio automation model's Macros object to control macros being recorded in the IDE, including pausing and reactivating the recorder, writing code to the macro being recorded, and determining whether the recorder is currently operating.