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Preparing Your Application to Receive Data

Visual Studio provides design time tools for creating and editing the typed datasets that store data in your application. Create typed datasets at design time in preparation of filling them with data at runtime. The following topics explain what typed datasets are, and how to create and edit the individual objects that make up typed datasets.

In This Section


  • DataSet
    Represents an in-memory cache of data.

  • DataTable
    Represents one table of in-memory data.

  • DataColumn
    Represents the schema of a column in a DataTable.

  • DataRelation
    Represents a parent/child relationship between two DataTable objects.

  • System.Data
    Describes the ADO.NET classes, which expose data-access services to the .NET programmer.

  • System.Transactions
    The System.Transactions namespace contains classes that allow you to write your own transactional application and resource manager.