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Working with Web Tests

In This Section

  • Understanding Web Tests
    Describes Web tests and discusses the benefits of using them. Includes information about validation and extraction rules, data binding, and JavaScript and ActiveX controls in Web tests.

  • Creating a Web Test
    Describes how to create recorded and coded Web tests. Includes information about think times and page response time goals.

  • Editing a Web Test
    Describes how to edit a Web test. Includes information about how to add rules and transactions, setting credentials, and parameterizing Web server names.

  • Data Binding in Web Tests
    Describes adding data binding to Web tests. Includes information about different types of data sources, such as text file data sources.

  • Running and Viewing a Web Test
    Describes how to run a Web test and view the results. Includes information about the run settings, and how to run Web tests from the command line.

  • Advanced Web Test Tasks
    Describes advanced Web test functionality, including custom validation and extraction rules, Web test/request plug-ins, and Web service tests.

  • Web Test Walkthroughs
    This section contains a series of walkthroughs that are designed to introduce you to Web tests, and some of the most common Web test functionality.

  • Troubleshooting Web Tests
    This section describes some common issues that can occur when you work with Web tests, and how to troubleshoot them.




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