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InstallAllUsers Property

The InstallAllUsers property for a deployment project determines whether an application is installed for all users of a computer or only for the user performing the installation. The InstallAllUsers property can be set in the Properties window when a deployment project is selected in the Solution Explorer.


False — The application will only be installed for the current user and will not be visible to other users of the computer (the default).

True — The application will be installed for all users.


If the InstallAllUsersVisible property of the Installation Folder install-time dialog is set to true (the default), end users will be able to override this setting. In this case, the InstallAllUsers property only determines the default setting for the Everyone and Just me option buttons on the dialog. If InstallAllUsers is true, Everyone will be selected; if false, Just me will be selected.

If you don't want an end user to override your setting for the InstallAllUsers property, you should set the InstallAllUsersVisible property to false. For more information, see InstallAllUsersVisible Property.

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