TableAdapters provide communication between your application and a database by executing SQL statements and stored procedures against a database. In addition to the standard functionality of a DataAdapter, TableAdapters provide additional queries that share a common schema with the associated typed DataTable. The TableAdapter loads the returned data into its associated data table in your application, or returns new data tables already populated with data.

In This Section

  • Hierarchical Update
    Provides links to topics describing how to save data from related data tables.

  • TableAdapterManager Overview
    Explains what a TableAdapter is and provides descriptions of the TableAdapterManager code that is generated by the Dataset Designer.

  • Preparing Your Application to Receive Data
    Provides links to topics describing the Dataset Designer and tasks that can be accomplished with it.

    Describes the ADO.NET classes, which expose data-access services to the .NET programmer.

  • Data in Office Solutions
    Contains links to topics that explain how data works in Office solutions, including information about schema-oriented programming, data caching, and server-side data access.