Customer Information User Interface Dialog Box

The Customer Information dialog box is used to prompt the user for information including user name, company or organization, and serial number. These values correspond to the USERNAME Property, COMPANYNAME Property, and PIDKEY Property, respectively. If the user provides a serial number, the values entered in this dialog box will be written to the registry under the InstallProperties key for the product during installation. For more information, see Product.InstallProperty.

The following illustration shows a typical Customer Information dialog box as it would appear during installation.

Customer Information dialog box

Deployment UI splash screen


The following properties are available for the Customer Information dialog box.




Specifies a bitmap or JPEG image to be displayed in the banner area. In the above illustration, the default bitmap is shown. For more information, see BannerBitmap Property.


Specifies a template used to validate serial number entry. In the above example, the default template was used. For more information, see SerialNumberTemplate Property.


Determines whether the Organization field will be displayed.


Determines whether the Serial Number field will be displayed. If set to true, the user must enter a valid serial number in order to continue.

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