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EnableLocationBrowseButton Element (Visual Studio Templates)

Specifies whether the Browse button is available in the New Project dialog box, so that users can easily modify the default directory where a new project is saved.


<EnableLocationBrowseButton> true/false </EnableLocationBrowseButton>

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.



Child Elements


Parent Elements




Required element.

Categorizes the template and defines how it displays in either the New Project or the Add New Item dialog box.

Text Value

A text value is required.

The text must be either true or false, indicating whether or not to display the Browse button on the New Project dialog box.


EnableLocationBrowseButton is an optional element. The default value is true, which displays the Browse button in the New Project dialog box.

In the New Project dialog box, the Location text box specifies the directory where a new project is saved. The Browse button helps you modify this directory by displaying the Project Location dialog box, which enables you to easily navigate to a different directory that is available from your computer, and then choose it as the directory where the new project is saved. For more information, see New Project Dialog Box.


The following example illustrates the metadata for a Visual C# Windows application.

<VSTemplate Type="Project" Version="2.0.0"
        <Name>My template</Name>
        <Description>A basic starter kit</Description>
        <Project File="MyStarterKit.csproj">

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