Occasionally Connected Applications (Local Database Caching)

An occasionally connected application is an application that uses data from a remote database but that might not always have access to the remote database. Occasionally connected applications are also used when access is continuously available but it might not be efficient to continuously query the remote database for data that is rarely changed (such as a list of states). In these situations, applications can use data from a local database located on the client and periodically synchronize the data with the remote database.


When you configure a Local Database Cache to synchronize with a SQL Azure database, we recommend that you install the sync components that are streamlined for use with SQL Azure. For more information, see the Local Database Cache Limitation in SQL Azure section in Occasionally Connected Applications Overview.

The following topics explain how to configure an application to use a local database cache to store data on the client. They also show how to synchronize changed data between the client and server databases.

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  • Microsoft.Synchronization.Data
    This namespace contains the common synchronization classes.