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Streaming SIMD Extensions 4 Instructions

The Visual C++ compiler makes the following Streaming SIMD Extensions 4 (SSE4) available. These intrinsics are part of the SSE4.1 or SSE4.2 sets. With all instrinsics, you must ensure that the underlying processor supports the instruction before you use it. Use the __cpuid, __cpuidex instruction to determine what functionality your processor supports.

Each of these SSE4.1 intrinsics blends two parameters together:

This group of SSE4.1 intrinsics perform rounding:

This SSE4.1 intrinsic compares parameters:

These SSE4.2 intrinsics compare parameters:

These SSE4.1 intrinsics convert parameters from one type to another:

These SSE4.1 intrinsics perform arithmetic operations:

These SSE4.2 intrinsics perform arithmetic operations:

The following SSE4.1 intrinsics extract individual bits from packed parameters:

These SSE4.1 intrinsics insert bits into packed parameters:

These SSE4.1 intrinsics retrieve either the maximum or minimum set of bits from packed parameters:

These are miscellaneous SSE4.1 intinsics:

These are miscellaneous SSE4.2 intrinsics:

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