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Operator Keywords (C# Reference)

Used to perform miscellaneous actions such as creating objects, checking the run-time type of an object, obtaining the size of a type, and so forth. This section introduces the following keywords:

  • as   Converts an object to a compatible type.

  • is   Checks the run-time type of an object.

  • new

  • sizeof   Obtains the size of a type.

  • typeof   Obtains the System.Type object for a type.

  • true   

    • true Operator   Returns the boolean value true to indicate true and returns false otherwise.

    • true Literal   Represents the boolean value true.

  • false   

    • false Operator   Returns the Boolean value true to indicate false and returns false otherwise.

    • false Literal   Represents the boolean value false.

  • stackalloc   Allocates a block of memory on the stack.

The following keywords, which can be used as operators and as statements, are covered in the Statements section:

  • checked   Specifies checked context.

  • unchecked   Specifies unchecked context.

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