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Object Object

Provides functionality common to all JScript objects.

function Object([value : { ActiveXObject | Array | Boolean | Date | Enumerator | Error | Function | Number | Object | RegExp | String | VBArray ])


  • value
    Optional. Any one of the JScript primitive data types. If value is an object, the object is returned unmodified. If value is null, undefined, or not supplied, an object with no content is created.


The Object object forms the basis of all other JScript objects; all of its methods and properties are available in all other objects. The methods, which can be redefined in user-defined objects, are called by JScript at appropriate times. The toString method is an example of a frequently redefined Object method.

Variables defined without a type annotation are implicitly of type Object. Each JScript object has, in addition to its own properties and methods, all the properties and methods of the Object object.

Properties and Methods

Object object Properties and Methods


Version 3

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