Concurrency Visualizer

The Concurrency Visualizer Views enable you to see how your multithreaded application interacts with itself, the hardware, the operating system, and other processes on the computer. These views provide graphical, tabular, and textual data that shows the temporal relationships between the threads in your program and the system as a whole. You can use the Concurrency Visualizer to locate performance bottlenecks, CPU underutilization, thread contention, cross-core thread migration, synchronization delays, areas of overlapped I/O, and other information. The views provide data that you can act on by linking its graphical output to call stacks and source code whenever possible. The tool is integrated into the Visual Studio 2010 profiler to enable an efficient workflow.

The Concurrency Visualizer relies on Event Tracing for Windows functionality that is present in Windows Vista and later versions.


The Concurrency Visualizer does not support Web projects.

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