Running Automated Tests Using Microsoft Visual Studio

There are several ways to run your automated tests. If you just want to run your automated tests locally or use a test controller and test agents, you can do that from Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

However, if you have to plan out your testing effort and run your tests as part of a test plan, you can use Microsoft Test Manager. For more information about how to use Microsoft Test Manager, seeĀ Defining Your Testing Effort Using Test Plans.


Microsoft Test Manager is provided as part of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate and Visual Studio Test Professional SKUs.


Use the following topics to help you run automated tests using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010:


Associated Topics

Running automated tests locally: You can run automated tests locally.

Running automated tests remotely from Microsoft Visual Studio: You can run automated tests remotely by using test controllers and test agents.

Viewing results for your automated test runs: You can view the results for your test run.

Pausing, resuming, and stopping your test runs: You can pause a test run if you have to and then restart it. Also, if you see a test run is failing all the tests and there might be an issue that you have to fix, you can stop the test run.

How to: Run Automated Tests from a Test Plan Using Microsoft Test Manager

You can run automated tests from a test plan if you associate them with test cases.

Running Automated Tests from the Command Line

You can also run your automated tests from the command line.

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