MSF for CMMI Process Improvement v5.0

You can use MSF for CMMI v5.0 to help your team exercise software development processes that meet CMMI requirements.

MSF for CMMI v5.0 provides the following help and tools:

  • A process template for Team Foundation┬áthat defines work items, reports, and other tools.

  • The process guidance in the topics in this section.

    MSF for CMMI v5.0 is available online. You can download this content by updating your offline help files by using the Help Library Manager.

The situations and working practices of development teams vary widely, and most companies will have their own well-established processes. For these reasons, the guidance given here does not attempt to prescribe a development process in full. Instead, we describe just the activities that are relevant to making best use of the MSF for CMMI process template.

You should adapt this guidance to your own situation, which will depend on the type and history of the product that you are developing, the project's scale, the background of the team members, and accepted practice in your organization.

Using the CMMI template and guidance can help you achieve the aims of CMMI if you use it as part of a process improvement program. You can find many resources for such a program on the Web.

Background to CMMI

Project Management


Artifacts (CMMI)

This guidance was developed in partnership with David Anderson. For more information, see the following Web page: David J Anderson & Associates.

Additional Resources

Planning and Tracking Projects

Tracking Bugs, Tasks, and Other Work Items

Adding and Modifying Bugs, Tasks, and Other Work Items

Choosing Link Types to Effectively Track Your Project

Creating Relationships Between Work Items and Other Resources

Customizing Team Projects and Processes

Choose a Process Template

Customizable Process Guidance - MSF for CMMI Process Improvement v5.0 on the Microsoft website