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EnvDTE100 Namespace

Contains additional automation types.

When you add an assembly reference to EnvDTE100.dll, you must also set the Embed Interop Types property of the assembly to false.


  Interface Description
Public interface Debugger5 Debugger5 is used to interrogate and manipulate the state of the debugger and the program being debugged. Debugger5 supersedes the Debugger4 interface.
Public interface Expression2 The Expression2 object contains properties used to examine items returned by an expression evaluation.
Public interface Solution4 Represents all projects and solution-wide properties in the integrated development environment (IDE). Supersedes Solution, Solution2, and Solution3.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration vsAddFromTemplateOptions Represents the options for the method AddFromTemplateEx.
Public enumeration vsDocumentDockPreferenceOptions Represents document window docking preferences.
Public enumeration vsRichClientExperienceOptions